Dear Website Visitor,

    The Marial Museum of Sacred Art is happy to announce that it has been gifted by sacred artist, Monique Sinclair, with one of her most beautiful paintings, The Stigmatization of Saint Francis of Assisi , done in 1996. It is an oil on canvas and is a fairly large work, measuring 85 cm. in height and 115 cm. in length. It was Ms. Sinclair's first sacred work. She had such a transformative experience in painting this masterful work that she devoted much of her subsequent career to sacred art. A photograph of this painting appears on the Exhibitions Page of this website.

    The spiritual visitation which Ms. Sinclair had is not surprising in view of the subject she was painting. St. Francis of Assisi is known in sacred tradition as the alter Christus, the other Christ. His intensely spiritual life and how it unfolded, his founding of a great religious order, the Franciscans, his vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, his intense love of nature, of God's creation, made him the man who came closest to emulating the life and teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord in all Church history. That identification was divinely confirmed by the Saint's reception of the stigmata, the five wounds of Christ, two years before his death.

    In our frenzied world, what a model on which to meditate!

+Bishop H.W. Michael TAJRA, osmv.