The Marial Museum of Sacred Art, a private art collection, is part of the outreach ministry of the Order of Saint Mary the Virgin of the Confession of Augsburg, a Lutheran monastic society of men founded in 1987.   Both the Order and the Museum are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven,   Help of all Christians, and Mediatrix of all Graces, venerated as the pre-eminent symbol of unity and of that compassionate love of suffering humanity which all human beings should feel one for another. 

The Marial Museum's work is inspired by the loving and inclusive teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In His great redeeming ministry, Our Lord always manifested His care and concern for all people everywhere, especially those victimized by religious persecution, violence, discrimination, and deprivation. The Museum uses the blessing of its Permanent Collection and the temporary exhibitions which it organizes to promote genuine dialogue and reconciliation among all people..

The Museum firmly believes that the Fine Arts are a marvelous, blessed instrument in working for World Peace, Social Justice, Human Rights, Protection of the Environment and in making the world safe for Diversity. The genius of Christianity lies in its historical embrace of cultural diversity, which allowed it to become a world religion. The Museum's mission is to make known the sublime beauty, the incomparable creativity, and the deep spirituality of Christian Sacred Art.

Mindful of the satanic persecution which many Christians are undergoing in various parts of the world and the destruction of the sacred Christian patrimony which is a part of that well- organized and well- financed persecution, the Museum defends Christians in danger and Christian sacred art, the highest expression of divinely- inspired creativity the world has ever known.

The Museum's Permanent Collection is composed of contemporary Sacred Art pieces created by artists of diverse origins and traditions living and working in our multi-cultural world. The Museum's goal is to introduce the general public to the beauty and esthetics of Sacred Art, to explain its spiritual and cultural significance, and to encourage artists to devote themselves to the creation of sacred works.