Featured Artist: Caterina Lionti

Caterina Lionti
Signora Lionti's resolutely contemporary style shows her to be one of the heirs of the seminal Italian Modernist Movement, one of the great moments in the history of modern European art.

Caterina Lionti was trained in Italy and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a leading practitioner of cutting-edge Fractal Art and a pioneer in applying Fractal techniques to sacred art themes, thus making the extraordinary richness of Christian spirituality and mysticism more accessible to 21st Century audiences accustomed to computers and other electronic equipment as  being an integral part of their daily  lives.  Her work is present in  the Museum's permanent collection and is exhibited at its temporary exhibitions.  In a recent release, Signora Lionti wrote:

 Notre monde a vraiment besoin d'un musée tel que le Musée Marial: c'est-à-dire d'un lieu de rencontre où pourraient se réunir des hommes et des femmes de croyances et de façons de vivre différentes dans un esprit de tolérance et de fratérnité. Quelle joie de découvrir au sein de ce musée les richesses d'une  autre culture sacrée!  Quelle joie d'avoir un lieu où l'on peut dialoguer les uns avec les autres plutot que de se battre ou de se disputer pour savoir qui a raison.

(Our world really needs a museum like the Marial Museum: a place where men and women of different faiths and different lifestyles can meet together in a spirit of tolerance and brotherhood. What a joy it is to discover at the Marial Museum the richness of other sacred cultures! What a joy it is to have a place where one can dialogue with others rather than fight or argue as to which is right).
The Light of Creation
The Light of Creation by Caterina Lionti
Marial Museum Collection
FEATURED ICONOGRAPHER:  Fernando Arango-Fernandez
Fernando Arango-Fernandez Don Fernando, one of South America's leading icon painters, has his studio in Florida, where he paints Byzantine-style icons for churches, monasteries, and private collectors. The Arango-Fernandez Collection is characterized by its great esthetic beauty and deep spirituality, bringing, as it does, Holy Tradition into our 21st Century. The artist creates icons which not only convey a deep mysticism, but also are instruments inviting the viewer to a life and practice of contemplation and the attainment of that peace which the world cannot give.

Fine Artist:  Frank Nagorka
Frank Nagorka, a Boston (USA) fine artist works in a powerful Neo-Expressionist style. Many of his religious works depict the male figure in Bible and in Holy Tradition. His paintings reflect his studies in the great Renaissance Masters. The Marial Museum of Sacred Art sponsored an exhibition of Mr. Nagorka's work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2012.

The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian