Deacon Daniel J. Blanchard osmv. and Bishop Tajra after Deacon Blanchard's ordination in Paris, 24 March 2015.


The Order of Saint Mary the Virgin is happy to announce the elevation of the Very Reverend Daniel J. Blanchard, o.s.m.v. to the office of Archdeacon of Paris. The vesting ceremony and Solemn High Mass celebrating the feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception took place in Paris on 8 December 2016.


Deacon Daniel J. Blanchard was born in Paris in 1976 to a family of academics. His studies have centered on classical and especially sacred music. He is both a teacher and composer as well as a singer. His most recent performances have been with the Paris Opera.

Deacon Blanchard is also an internationally known specialist in Latin language and literature. He has given numerous interviews to the mass media in many countries on efforts to promote the study and use of Latin. That beautiful and elegant language is, of course, the official liturgical language of the Order of Saint Mary the Virgin.

In May 2016 Deacon Blanchard was admitted into the Academia Latinati Fovendae in Rome as a full academician. The Decree of Admission read in part: ad illustrissimum doctissimumque Danielem Blanchard. That is needless to say, a quite handsome and gracious turn of phrase acknowledging as it does his important work in the renaissance of Latin language and literature, the veritable corner stone of our Western civilization.

Deacon Blanchard did studies in liturgy at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Before joining the Order, he studied Latin and Greek as well as several vernacular languages. His research within the context of the Order's curriculum of studies includes the areas of New Testament exegesis, readings from the Church Fathers, Reformation and especially pre-Reformation history, and current ecumenical developments. After a novitiate as sub-Deacon, he was ordained to the office of Deacon st Solemn High Mass, Feast of the Annunciation 2015. Since that date, he has overseen the Order's activities in Paris and throughout France.

Deacon Blanchard is a great traveler, a student also of Christian art and archaeology. He is a well-known bibliophile specializing in Incunabula and in 16th Century books and manuscripts.

Deacon Blanchard has taken on the name of Frater Daniel Parisinus as his name in religion. He can be contacted at